Are You Familiar with a Picnic Song with Catsup in it?

Eileen wrote:

Dear Lisa,

I am looking for the words to a picnic song that was sung on the very, very old program, The Breakfast Show.

The song was Going on a picnic… did you bring the catsup, catsup…

Thank you so much for any help.
Eileen in Maryland

If anyone can help out with this song, please comment below.



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4 Responses to “Are You Familiar with a Picnic Song with Catsup in it?”

  1. val Says:

    HI………I have been trying to find this song for years, no one else seems to have ever heard of it !!!! I remember it from the old “Hit Parade” show. If you have had any luck please let me know……. it drives me crazy that I can’t come up with more than a few lines of the song !!! Thank You so much,
    Valerie McGuire

  2. Lisa Says:

    Hi Valerie,

    You may want to check back a this link from time to time to see if someone writes in with an answer. Sometimes, we’ll can an answer over time.

    -Mama Lisa

  3. Carrie Osborn Says:

    The song is “What did you bring to the picnic”
    Basket is placed in the middle of the circle
    each child holds an item for the picnic. Sing the song:

    “Going on a picnic.Going on a picnic, we’ll be leaving right away, if it doesn’t rain we will stay all day, ..did you bring the ____(forks)… child holding forks answers..”yes I brought the ___.(forks)..(child put the forks in the basket-) Child sings as he places “Here we go!” (basket of course will get fuller)
    Repeat again.

    Hope this is it…Carrie

  4. Bethany Says:

    I know a Sharon Lois and Bram version (they’re a Canadian trio) it’s on one of their CD’s.

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