Dance of Traditional Java called Jaranan or Jatilan (Horse Dance) with YouTube Videos

Dedy Dowo sent me this photo of young Indonesians dressed for a traditional dance.


Dedy said: "They do a dance of traditional java that’s called Jaranan or Jatilan (Horse dance)."

I asked if it was performed for any specific event and Dedy wrote: "Yes it is, usually in a traditional ceremony or to celebrate a birthday and big events such us weddings, independents day of my country (soon)."

He wrote: "I don’t know exactly the name of the crowns, but in my language we call them bando and they’re made of Jasmine.

Indonesia has a lot of traditional dances from our archipelago. We have more than a hundred dances. There are no specific songs its just dance, and there are many songs that go with these dances."

I found the YouTube video below that said: The Traditional Dance call is"Jaranan Kediri":

Here’s a second video that shows people dancing to a song that Dedy said is "the dance song of jaranan. It is the famous jaranan dance in some cities in Java Island."…

Thanks for sharing this with us Dedy!

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2 Responses to “Dance of Traditional Java called Jaranan or Jatilan (Horse Dance) with YouTube Videos”

  1. paulus Says:

    thanks for posting this vid….i used to live in Nganjuk (close by kediri, where this vid was shot) before moving to Canada in 87, this brings me back.

  2. Indro S Says:

    I live in Tulungagung, and I know about the jaranan here (though not complete).. There are many groups like this here.. but some of them up n down , some active some not… I think it needs a lot effort to make these groups exist… I also have a group of jaranan but now inactive…

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