Cherry Blossom Colors in Japan


Debbie wrote from Japan about cherry blossoms, which are called sakura in Japanese.  Spring is a favorite time to view the sakura and have picnics.  Here’s what Debbie wrote:

Everything comes in sakura colors right now. Doughnuts. Noodles. Even the exercise ladies in my morning exercise show were wearing sakura-colored t-shirts. Never mind that the cherry blossoms won’t bloom for at least another month where I live. But I like it.

Here’s what Debbie’s friends wrote about cherry blossom colors in Japan:

Nagori: "It’s all PINK!"

Joy: "Yes! At the supermarket the other day they were selling cherry blossom pink, with sakura design, packages of sausages. A special sale for the season, but apparently the sausages were the usual."

Debbie: "The weather forecaster on NHK was wearing a sakura-colored sweater set this evening."

CA:  "Well, spring is in our hearts – and in our clothing – even if everything is still white outside!"

Johnny: "Sakura colored beer would be a great money maker."

Debbie: "They already have that. I saw them drinking it at a flower-viewing party."

Thanks for sharing Debbie (and friends)!

Debbie is an etegami artist.  You can view her work at:  dosankodebbie’s etegami notebook.

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