Can Someone Help with the Lyrics or Melody to the Arabic Lullaby called “Doha Ya Doha”?

Rondi wrote to me…

Hello Lisa!

This is Rondi Charleston – I am a singer/songwriter in the NY area.

I have an important recording project coming up in which I need an Arabic Lullaby to incorporate into an original song. I’m searching for the MELODY! Sheet music? or an MP3?

I heard about “Doha Ya Doha” from an article in Mothering Magazine by Cynthia Mosher. However, I can not find the lyrics and melody anywhere! I contacted Cynthia, but she no longer has the book, and can’t remember the song.

Also, by any chance, do you know any songs in Arabic that talk about PEACE?

I would GREATLY APPRECIATE any assistance you can give. I’ve tried the Arabic publishing house but they no longer have it. It is a traditional lullaby, apparently.

PLEASE contact me with any information.

Best Always,

If anyone can help Rondi, please comment below or email me.

Thanks in advance!


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21 Responses to “Can Someone Help with the Lyrics or Melody to the Arabic Lullaby called “Doha Ya Doha”?”

  1. Rebecca Shade Says:

    just found these on another site and came here looking for more!

    doha ya doha
    wa al-ka’aba banooha
    wa bi al-zamzam rashooha
    baba safar makka
    jablee zanbeel ka’aka
    wa al-ka’aka fi al-makhzan
    wa al-makhzan yih’taj muftah
    wa al-muftah ‘ind al-najar
    wa al-najar yibgh’a al-filoos
    wa al-filoos ‘ind al-aroos
    wa al-aroos tibgh’a walad
    wa al-walad yibgh’a al-haleeb
    wa alhaleeb ‘ind al-bagara
    wa al-bagara tibgh’a al-hasheesh
    wa al-hasheesh foog al-jabal
    wa al-jabal yibgh’a al-matar
    ya matara hutee hutee
    ‘alaa gray’at bint ukhtee
    bint ukhtee jabat walad
    wa samatoo ‘abd al-samad
    doha ya doha
    wa al-kaaba banooha

  2. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for the info! We’re pretty sure this lullaby is from Saudi Arabia. Two Arabic people we talked to have mentioned they thought so and your link seems to point to Saudi Arabia as its source too.

    We may have someone to sing it for the tune (though she’s not from Saudi Arabia!), and to send an English translation and the Arabic text. Come back soon to see what we find out!

    -Mama Lisa

  3. Ahmed Jawad Says:

    Hi Lisa or any one who can read my words . Iam Ahmed Iraqi and living in Iraq too . Iam woking in an American company called C.H.F. international company .Iam teaching English in a high school as well and writing Aabic and English poetry as well. Call me if you need and help or write to me on my above email.My skype is ahmedalbabili and my number is 07808310721.

    Best Regards,

  4. Lisa Says:

    I asked Ahmed if he was familiar with “Doha Ya Doha” and here’s what he wrote back:

    The song “Doha Ya Doha” is an Iraqi tale in origin… It is a tale sung with hand clapping from Iraq history.


    Ahmed Jawad

  5. Monique Says:

    I received a translation from Fatima in Iran (Fatima is an Iranian of Arabic culture). Here it is… one word is missing, if someone can help s/he’s welcome.

    doha ya doha and they built the ka’aba (Mecca)
    and with zamzam water they put on it
    my father traveled to Meccah
    he brought me a kind of cookie
    the cookie is now in the storage
    and the storage needs a key
    the key is with the carpenter
    and the carpenter wants money
    the money is with the bride
    and the bride wants to have a baby boy
    the boy wants milk
    and the milk is with the cow
    the cow wants vegetables
    and the vegetables are on the mountain
    the mountain wants rain
    the rain: please fall fall on the mountain
    on my nephew’s ….?! (I don’t know the meaning of the word in Arabic, but may be it’s meaning is near to the pregnancy)
    my nephew brought a son
    and she named him Abdulsamad
    doha ya doha
    and they built the Ka’aba

    MECCA: the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, considered by Muslims to be the holiest city of Islam. Muslims do the HAJ in Mecca. Haj is the greater pilgrimage to Mecca which all Muslims are expected to make at least once if they can afford to do so

    ZAMZAM: The sacred well near the Kaaba at Mecca. According to Arab tradition, this is the well that was shown by Jibril to Hagar when the baby Ishmael was perishing of thirst. Its water is believed to be more health-giving than any other.

  6. nag Says:

    as far as i know its originaly a hejazy lullaby.. my grantmother and mom used to sing it for us when we were kids and now i keep singing it for my baby :)


    ill try to post a link with the full song ..

    Doha ya doha
    wal ka’aba banoha
    seedi safar mecca
    jabli zambeel ka’aka
    wal ka’aka fil mokhzan
    wal mokhzan malu mofatah
    wal moftah ind al najjar
    wal najjar yebgha al floos
    wal floos ind al malek
    wal malek yebgha al manadeel
    wal manadeel ind al soghar
    wal soghar yebghu al haleeb
    wal haleeb ind al bagara
    wal bagra tebgha al hasheesh
    wal hasheesh fog al jabal
    wal jabal yebgha al matara

    ya rabbi houtt al matara
    ya matara hutti hutti
    ala gara’at bent ukhti
    bent ukhti jabat walad
    samatu abdulsamad

    Hasheesh means grass
    gara’at means bald and in the song it means on her head


    and here is the rest of the song but the next part of the song doesn’t have to be translated because some of the sentences wont give a meaning .. coz its like when some1 make up a song and doest care of the meaning he just wants rhyme the words !

    hadarja madarja
    min kul ain sarja
    ya fatima ya bent al nabi
    khoudi ketabek wo anzuli
    ala sedrat al nabi
    feeha hotab
    wo feeha rotab
    ya rayheen al hadra
    khoudu ma’akum bagara
    tehleb wo tesgeeni
    seeni ala seeni
    wal rabbi ye’ateeni
    dakhalt bait allah
    lagait habeeb allah
    fi yaddu tair akhdar
    yelagemu al sukkar
    we yelagemu al anbar

  7. Monique Says:

    Nag, could you please give us the translation even if it’s meaningless

  8. ridha Says:

    some people are confused about some of the words

    Fall rain fall on the mountain
    on my niece’s pumpkins
    my niece gave birth to a son
    she named him abdessamad

    hope this helps


  9. Lisa Says:

    Thanks so much!

    If someone could email me the Arabic text, that would be great.

    -Mama Lisa

  10. tariq Says:

    Would anybody actually have a clip / soundtrack ??? looking for it a friend just gave birth an wanting to pass on : )

  11. Seloua Says:

    Can anyone give me the link to download the full song of doha ya doha.
    I only have a link from youtube (, the song on youtube is not the original song. It’s a piece of a commercial that mbc shows.

    I hope that someone can give me a link to the original full song.

    I really need that song!

  12. Rashid Says:

    Al salam alaykom

    The English translation is :
    Doha ya doha
    And the ka’aba they built it
    and with zamzam they sprayed it
    daddy/father went to mecca
    he got me some cake
    and the cake is in the closet
    and the closet needs a key
    and the key is with the carpenter
    and the carpenter wants money
    and the money is with the bride
    and the bride wants a baby boy
    and the baby boy wants milk
    and the milk is with the cow
    and the cow wants the grass
    and the grass in on top of the mountain
    and the mountain wants rain
    come rain come
    on my sister’s daughter’s village
    my sister’s daughter brought a baby boy
    and she called him ‘ Abd-Alsamad
    Doha ya doha
    And the ka’aba they built it

    Since I speak Arabic I translated it myself…

  13. Rashid Says:

    I am not really sure if ” Gar’aat ” here is meant by Bald/Bald Head…or Village.
    It depends on how it is pronounced.

  14. Rashid Says:

    I just checked and it is ( Gray’at ) . So it means Bald head. So the line is |Come rain come
    |On my niece’s Baby boy’s bald head

    When I said Sister’s Daughter ,I meant Neice


  15. Rashid Says:

    NIECE** Sorry

  16. Lisa Says:

    JELLOULI wrote (in French):

    J’ai trouvée pour vous le lien de la chanson du lullabies arabic doha
    ya doha voici le lien mais la chanson n’est pas entière c’est juste le spot publicitaire j’espere qu’il va vous satisfaire, en attendant de trouver la chanson entière.

    English Translation:

    I found you a link to the Arabic lullaby doha doha here is the link, but the song is not complete, it’s just a commercial. I hope it will help you, while you find the whole song.

  17. Fadi Says:

    This is a very traditional song from the Hijazi Folklore (Western Saudi Arabia from Jeddah, Makkah and Madina).

    This is a short Saudi ad about family solidarity which contains part of the song:

    Thank you,

  18. Lisa Says:

    Does anyone know which part of the Arabic world this one comes from?

    huta hamra (red fish)

    ghandi huta hamra hamra
    kien tahieli ziju Nin
    gewwa l-vaska ddur u tilghab
    qatt ma rajt huta bhal din
    trid taraha kemm tferfer denbha
    x’hin xi farka hobz nitfalha
    kemm inhobba lhuta tieghi
    kemm nixtieq kont naf nghum bhalha
    cluff cluff cluff

  19. Monique Says:

    Yep! this is from Malta!

  20. Lamees Says:

    Beautiful page and I love the videos included!!

    One correction, though! Aside from it being the niece’s bald spot, the version I know and the one sung in both of those videos say [wa Zamzam shiriboha] “and Zamzam water, they did drink”.

  21. daniel walters Says:

    I’d like to find a song with lyrics. Come take a ride to the moon on the back of a giant dragonfly…

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