Can Someone Help with Some Hungarian Children’s Songs?

Gabrielle wrote to me:

Can someone please help me find some Hungarian children songs?

My grandmother was Hungarian, she use to sing me many children songs. I do not speak Hungarian so I will write it as it sounds to me.

1) Gimbelem  mogulbulum momeliyam

2) -Sárga csikó, csengő rajta

3) meyogudus, meyogudus conisraro
Konisraro, konisraro fogisbayo
El le lila, mashinistac
Qui agudus qui agudus tszikotzista

Thank you so much

Gabrielle Atherton

If anyone can help Gabrielle, please comment below or email me at -Thanks

Mama Lisa

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9 Responses to “Can Someone Help with Some Hungarian Children’s Songs?”

  1. Anita Says:

    Hi! Gabrielle
    im Anita and Hungarian. Though currently im in Dublin.
    My daughter is 9 and a half months old and im singing many rhymes, songs to her.

    The first one, no idea.

    The second one, i dont know but found on internet:

    And the third one:
    “Megy a gőzös, megy a gőzös Kanizsára. /Kanizsai, kanizsai állomásra./Elöl ül a masinista,/ Ki a gőzöst, ki a gőzöst igazítja.”
    You can listen to it on youtube as well.


  2. Zakor Dóra Says:

    Megy a gőzös, megy a gőzös Kanizsára. /Kanizsai, kanizsai állomásra./Elöl ül a masinista,/ Ki a gőzöst, ki a gőzöst igazítja.”

    Means something like that:
    The steamer train (or steam engine) goes to Kanizsa (which is a town), to the station of Kanizsa. The engine-driver is sitting in front of the train (means in the drivers cabin), who sends the steamer.

    It doesn’t sound so good in my translation…

  3. Reka Says:

    Mokuska is a Hungarian nursery rhyme but I don’t see it on your site. Are you familiar with it? It goes like this:

    Mókuska, mókuska, felmászott a fára,
    Leesett, leesett, eltörött a lába.
    Doktor bácsi ne gyógyítsa meg,
    Huncut a mókus, újra fára megy.

    I don’t speak Hungarian very well but here is an idea of the English translation:

    the squirrel climbed up the tree
    but fell down and broke its leg
    Doktor bacsi don’t heal the squirrel
    because it’s ‘naughty’ and climbs up again

    My husband and I are expecting our first child in December so I’m trying to gather Hungarian nursery rhymes. I cannot speak Hungarian fluently but I can read the language. Found your site and I’m sure I will use it! Thank you!


  4. Lisa Says:

    I’m not familiar with that song Reka. I’ll add it – thanks! Mama Lisa

  5. Lisa Says:

    We received this link to a video of Gimbelem…

  6. Lisa Says:

    We were sent this link of “Megy a gőzös”…

  7. Lisa Says:

    Here’s a vidoe of Sárga csikó…

  8. Sophie Says:

    I live in London and I recently came up with a pretty good translation for the Mókuska nursery rhyme, as my son is 4 months old and I love singing to him both in English and in Hungarian. Here’s what I came up with:

    “Squirrel boy, squirrel boy, climbed up to the treetop
    He fell down, he fell down, then he broke his kneecap
    Doctor, doctor, please don’t heal his leg
    Mischievous is the squirrel, he’ll climb the tree again.”

    This version works very well with the original rythm of the song so now I can sing the same song both in English and in Hungarian! I hope you post this if you can so more people can use it if they wish to do so :)

  9. Timothy Says:

    My teacher lived in Hungary for a few years before teaching and she sang us this song though it sounded a little different.
    It went like this.
    “Squirrel boy squirrel boy climbed up in a tree”

    “He fell down he fell down and he hurt his knee”

    “Doctor hurry fixed his leg and then”

    “Naughty squirrel climbed the tree again”

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