Chinese Song, “Little Sister Carries Her Doll” With a Video

This song is called “Mei mei bei zhe yang wa wa” in Pinyin, literally it’s, “Little Sister Carries Her Foreign Doll”. (Pinyin is the system used to transliterate Mandarin Chinese using the Roman alphabet.) “Foreign” doll refers to a western style doll as opposed to a traditional Chinese doll.

Here’s a Chinese song in the original, with the Pinyin transliteration, an English translation followed by a YouTube video…

Traditional Chinese Text


Mei4 mei bei1 zhe4 yang2 wa2 wa,
Zou3 dao4 hua1 yuan2 lai2 kan4 hua1,
Wa2 wa ku1 le jiao4 ma1 ma,
Shu4 shang4 de xiao3 niao3 xiao4 ha1 ha1.

English Translation
Little sister carries her foreign doll
To the garden to see some flowers.
The doll cries for its mother.
A bird up in a tree laughs.

In this YouTube video “Mei mei bei zhe yang wa wa” is being sung by a class while dancing to the song…

Many thanks to Anna-Marie for contributing the Chinese version, the transliteration of this song and for translating it into English. Thanks also to James Yannucci for help with the Pinyin.

You can visit the “Mei mei bei zhe yang wa wa” Song Page for more info about this song including French and Spanish translations and the simplified Chinese text.


Mama Lisa

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  1. Anna-Marie Says:

    aaah dear Lisa,

    I enjoyed it very much and thank you for posting it.

    big hug

  2. rebecca Says:

    Why do you have the “Twinkle star” video posted here instead of the other about the doll?

  3. Lisa Says:

    Rebecca – I see the doll one – did you click the arrow bottom at the bottom to play? -Lisa

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