Can Someone Help with a Scottish Song with the Line, “My Own Wee House”?

Joan’s looking for help with a Scottish song. Here’s what she wrote to me in an email…

The only thing I can remember is the last line I think goes like this:

My own wee house, something something, so dear to me, so dear to me, something, something, so dear to me.

The something something are words I can’t remember.

Help, as I can’t get this out of my head.


If you can help Joan, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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12 Responses to “Can Someone Help with a Scottish Song with the Line, “My Own Wee House”?”

  1. Maire Says:

    Is it “My ain wee hoose?”
    it goes something like;
    ……in my ain wee hoose, in my ain wee hoose.
    There’s n’er a place in all the world like my ain wee hoose, like my ain wee hoose.”
    That’s the only bit I can remember-my dad used to sing it.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Is this the song Ludgin wi’ Big Aggie (Lodgin’ with Big Aggie)…

    Ludgin wi’ Big Aggie

    Ah wis ludgin’ wi’ Big Aggie, just me an’ ither ten,
    We a’ slept the gither in a wee bit single en’;
    We had nae beds at a’, we just slept against the wa’,
    In oor ain wee hoose, in oor ain wee hoose.

    Last Saturday for supper we got sausage on a plate;
    I was just aboot to eat it when the sausage it said Wait,
    Afore ye start on me, I was made in 1903;
    And I went stane blin’ when the sausage it did rin
    Fae oor ain wee hoose, fae oor ain wee hoose.

    We had rabbit for oor dinner, man, I couldnae stand the pain.
    In fact one fella snuffed it, and anither went insane.
    Aggie said it was the flu, but I don’t think that’s quite true,
    For oor dug ca’d Prince has been missing ever since
    Fae oor ain wee hoose, fae oor ain wee hoose.

    You can hear it online too!

  3. Wullie Says:

    The Auld Hoose

    Oh! the auld hoose, the auld hoose,
    What tho’ the rooms were wee,
    Oh, kind hearts were dwelling there,
    And bairnies fu’ o’ glee.
    And wild rose and the jassamine
    Still hang upon the wa’
    Hoo mony cherished memories
    Do they sweet flow’rs reca’.

  4. M Black Says:

    I have the sheet music, if you need it. It was written by Mary Wilson who lived in the village I stay in

  5. Teri S Says:

    I know exactly what song yer talkin’ about. My mum sings it all the time – I’ll get the words for ye.

    “Sae dear to me, sae dear to me, that’s aye sae dear to meeee”

    Love it

  6. DOnna Says:

    found this on a grave in Dundonald. maybe it will interest you…

  7. G Wise Says:

    Fifty years ago when I was in the Canadian Army Militia, stationed on call out in Drumheller Alberta, there was an older fellow Jamie Brown who used to sing:

    Just a wee but humble placey
    Just a wee but butt and ben
    Where there’s ay a friendly facey
    And more comfort than ye ken
    In ma en wee hoose, in my en wee hoose
    For there’s nae place in a’ the world
    Like ma en wee hoose
    Like ma en wee hoose

    I came to Canada from Scotland in 1951 and have always loved Scottish music. I still always sing it at family get togethers and everyone else loves it too.

  8. meg adamson Says:

    In a book of Ayrshire, Scotland headstone inscriptions, this is in Dundonald, Ayrshire: “In memory of Janet ADAM, died at Dundonald 26 APR 1904, aged 87 (b. abt 1817) and her daughter Margaret WILSON born 5 AUG 1840, died 6 FEB 1919 , authoress of the song “My Ain Wee Hoose’ “

  9. Andy Says:

    It is from the song “Bonnie Scotland”

    Scotland, Scotland, Scotland’s ey so braw my heart is ey in Scotland though I’m sa far awa,to be back among the wild woods to view the rowan tree,to wander by oor ain wee hoose that’s ey sai deer ti me, sai deer ti me, thats ey sai deer tai me.

  10. alex. reid. Says:

    Music by D. Munro; published by Weeks & Co.,

    ‘Tis a wee bit humble placie,
    Jist a wee bit but an’ ben,
    But there’s aye a kindly facie
    An’ mair comfort than ye ken
    In my ain wee hoose;
    There’s nae place in a’ the world
    Like my ain wee hoose.

    There’s aye a wee bit blessing,
    An there’s aye a table spread,
    For He who feeds the ravens
    Has aye me fed and clad
    In my ain wee hoose.

    Jist a cosie wee bit placie,
    But so sacred unto me
    I widna change for grandeur;
    Oh, may I leeve an’ dee
    In my ain wee hoose,
    There’s nae a place in a’ the world
    Like my ain wee hoose.

  11. alex. reid. Says:

    This is the words of the original poem as written by Margaret Wilson, taken from a printing of 1909.
    The poem was made famous by British troops in WW1

  12. Linda Says:

    Can anyone help with these words of a song could be 50+years old my dad used to sing it when he came home to Ireland after been in Tullibody for Hogmanay

    Something something my ain wee hoose
    i would gee the world to hear again the songs my mammy used to sing

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