Can Someone Help with a Chinese Song from an Album called “Children’s Folk Rhymes in Beijing”?

Kel wrote:


I just found your web page and am interested in finding a song and lyrics. The song is called is “Looking at the Sights With My Small Eyes” (in Chinese its “Xiao Yan Jing Kan Jing Zhi Er”). It’s from an album called “Children’s Folk Rhymes in Beijing”…..

I’m trying to find somewhere I can download it and also the lyrics (in English) please.

Thank you in anticipation.


If anyone can help Kel (we’d also love to receive the lyrics in the original language if anyone knows them) – please comment below.


Mama Lisa

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3 Responses to “Can Someone Help with a Chinese Song from an Album called “Children’s Folk Rhymes in Beijing”?”

  1. Jessica Says:


    My translation is:

    little eyes watch the view
    little nose smells the scent
    little ears hear good sound
    little mouth eats “milk skin”

    PS. “milk skin” is a traditional snack in Beijing.

    Copy and paste the first sentence (which is the song name) in google to try your luck for download!

  2. Rebecca Shade Says:

    Hey – I just found it on! You can get your first songs free if you aren’t a member – i pay $10 a month so I’m getting it for 33 cents! They have all kinds of incredible stuff on there – I love it.

    Anyway this song sounded intriguing, and I have a new niece coming from China next month, so I looked into it.

    If anyone can recommend some other great lullabies (or instrumental stuff) that might sound familiar to her and comfort her in this traumatic time of adjustment, I’d sure appreciate it!

  3. here is the song Says:

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