Can Anyone Help with a Song with the Line, “”Darling swine will you be mine?””

I received this email recently:


I’m looking for a children’s ditty and have had no luck so far. I think it may be British, because I got it from my mother, who although American herself, had Scottish parents. Here’s what I know of the song:

Once a lady had a pig, “Honey” said she, “Darling swine will you be mine?”
“Oink” (here the singer snorts, piggy-fashion), said he.
“You shall have a silver sty, Honey” said she, “and a piece of pumpkin pie.”
“Oink” said he.

I’d love the rest of lyrics to this silly song. Pumpkin pie . . .
maybe it’s American. I don’t think Brits have pumpkin pie.


If anyone knows anything about this song, please comment below.



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5 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Song with the Line, “”Darling swine will you be mine?”””

  1. Jene'Simmons Says:

    That song is in a 4th grade music text book from the 50s. The book is SINGING EVERY DAY published by Ginn and Company. I was trying to find the origin too. I writing a thesis about folk songs.

  2. Sophronia Camp Says:

    Dear Jené,
    I’m so glad you’ve found the ditty! I kind of figured it was a lost cause by now. Thanks so much. Now I’m going to see if I can get hold of the book. Good luck with your thesis!
    Sophronia Camp

  3. Lisa Says:

    Re. the “Darling Swine will you be mine”… it just hit me that it’s on Mama Lisa’s House of Nursery Rhymes under There Was a Lady Loved a Swine (click the link for the lyrics, midi tune and score). I originally found it in The Baby’s Opera by Walter Crane (1877).

  4. Jan Says:

    Re: “Darling Swine will you be mine”… I learned that in our music class, also during elementary school in the 1950’s. I’m so glad other people remember it! It’s such a funny song… I like to sing it still.

  5. Lisa Says:

    That’s great Jan! Would you like to sing it for us? :) Mama Lisa

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