Can Someone Help Translate an Icelandic Kids Song?

Nancy Bienski wrote me:

Can anyone translate this Icelandic nursery song?

Mér um hug og hjarta nú

Mér um hug og hjarta nú
hljómar sætir líða.
Óma vorljóð óma þú
út um grundir víða.
Hljóma þar við hús þú sér
hýrleg blómin skína.
Fríðri rós, ef fyrir ber,
færðu kveðju mína.

If anyone can help Nancy, please comment below.


Mama Lisa

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6 Responses to “Can Someone Help Translate an Icelandic Kids Song?”

  1. Monique Says:

    You could contact Freelang, they have translators volunteering short translations for free.

  2. Monique Says:

    I found an Icelandic site with an online songbook. You might want to email them your request.

  3. Helga Says:

    I’m not really sure if the first line is right, but basically it’s like this:

    Now I am of mind and heart
    Sweet chimes pass.
    Ohm springverses, ohm you
    Over vast grounds.
    Chime where houses you see,
    The flowers gay shine.
    Fair rose, if passes by,
    Give my greeting.

    I’m pretty sure the first line makes no sense, but the song is written in rather fancy, traditional icelandic that mostly the older people use and it’s hard to translate it.

  4. Lisa McMaster Says:

    Not sure that my Icelandic is spot on but here goes:

    In my mind and my heart
    Float sweet sounds.
    A spring poem/song chimes in me
    And out over the land far and wide.
    It chimes in every house I see
    And shines cheerfully like the flowers. (not sure about those two lines but will try to remember and ask my Icelandic friends!)
    Pretty rose, if you pass the song on,
    Send my greetings with it.

  5. Steinunn Says:

    I find both the translations here above good but slightly incorrect.
    Here is my version.

    Where different translations could fit I separate them with a slash.
    In the 5th line the meaning changes depending on where the comma is placed, and there are different versions online, so I´m not sure which one is correct.
    In Icelandic it doesnt need to be defined and can thereby have both meanings simultaneously which is quite nice.
    In brackets I put the words that the context suggests, but that aren´t in the original poem.

    Now through my mind and heart
    sweet chords/sounds/tones pass
    Sound you spring-poem, resound
    wide out over the meadows

    Sounds, there by the house you see/Sound there by the house, you see
    the gay flowers shine
    (to) a fair rose, if you come upon (one)
    give my greeting

  6. Irene Marks Says:

    Hi! I asked my mom to translate and this is what we came up with:

    Around my thoughts and heart now
    sweet sounds hover.
    Ring, spring poem, ring
    out over the wide land.
    Resound around the house there
    Where cheerful flowers shine.
    Peaceful rose, if you find her there,
    Give her my greeting!

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