Can Anyone Help with an Indian Kids Song from Punjab?

Patsy wrote:

My daughter is married to a man from India. His mother came for a visit, and sang a song to our granddaughter while putting her behind her back on the sofa, holding onto her arms and rocking back and forth. The words I can remember sounded like “a tutu maya, lock se donya”, and that is spelling them phonetically. His family lives is in the most Northern region of India Punjab. The other day when I was at my daughter’s house, my granddaughter wanted me to do this with her like her Indian grandmother had done, but I didn’t know the words, and my son-in-law had not memorized them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

If anyone can help with the original lyrics, the pronunciation and/or an English translation, please let us know in the comments below or by emailing me at .


Mama Lisa

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