Lesson Plans for World Music

Lucy sent me a great link for lesson plans for world music. Here’s what she wrote:


Your fabulous website has been an invaluable resource for me this year, as friends and I have been running weekly ’round the world’ school workshops in music, drama and art. In fact, your website is the first I look on when planning my lessons, and always brings a huge smile to my face, and hundreds of ideas for things to do in class! The children have loved learning traditional and children’s songs from other countries, and have progressed hugely in their understanding of different cultures, languages, and (of course) music.

You obviously have a love of world music, and if you haven’t already, can I suggest you check out the Oxfam Education website. In these lesson plans you’ll find loads more excellent songs for learning…

Thank you again for making teaching world music to children such fun!


Thanks for sharing that Lucy! If anyone would like to make other recommendations about teaching world culture and music, feel free to in the comments below.

Mama Lisa

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