Can Anyone Help with a Tagalog Song called “”Sampung mga daliri, kamay at paa””?

Aya wrote:

hi, i have a question… does anyone know the lyrics to the song… “sampung mga daliri, kamay at paa…”? i am teaching my baby tagalog songs. thanks so much! great website… thanks for the help… please email me at thanks again so much.

If anyone can help Aya out, please comment below, or email me, or email Aya directly (though it would be great if you could post the lyrics here too, in case anyone else is looking for them).



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8 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Tagalog Song called “”Sampung mga daliri, kamay at paa””?”

  1. Sanu Mendez Says:

    Can I Havethe lyrics of the tagalog song “Ang Kawawang Cowboy” Sung by Fred Pinopio

  2. Sanu Mendez Says:

    Hi This is Sanu again actually i am an Indian but i really Love this sond “Ang Kawawang Cowboy” I want to sing sing this song for my Girlfriend and impress her Pleeeeeeeease Help me my email ID is

  3. Lisa Says:

    Nelson sent me:

    sampung mga daliri
    kamay at paa
    dalawang mata
    dalawang tainga
    ilong na maganda

    maliliit na ngipin
    masarap kumain
    dilang maliit nagsasabi
    huwag kang magsinungaling!

    If anyone would like to send an English translation, please comment below!


    -Mama Lisa

  4. raener Says:

    sampung mga daliri = ten fingers
    kamay at paa = hands and feet
    dalawang mata = 2 eyes
    dalawang tainga = 2 ears
    ilong na maganda = beautiful nose

    maliliit na ngipin = little/small teeth
    masarap kumain = masarap = delicious; kumain = eating or delightful eating
    dilang maliit nagsasabi = little/small tounge telling
    huwag kang magsinungaling! = don’t/no lie/s

  5. Lisa Says:

    That’s a great song! Thanks!

    -Mama Lisa

  6. nelly Says:

    thanks a lot! was thinking of this last night and was pleasantly surprised to find it here!

  7. nhube Says:

    sampung mga daliri
    kamay at paa
    dalawang tenga
    dalawang mata
    ilong na maganda
    maliliit na ngipin
    masarap kumaen
    dilang maliit na nagsasabing
    wag kang magsisinungaling

  8. Yolly Says:

    Sampung mga daliri
    Kamay at paa
    Dalawang tenga
    Dalawang mata
    Ilong na maganda

    Maliliit na ngipin
    Masarap ikain
    Isang dilang nagsasabi
    H’wag kang magsinungaling

    (On the first paragraph of the song, “tenga” which means ears comes first before “mata” or eyes because of human anatomy. From extremities going inward in which tongue is the last. On the 2nd paragraph, it must be “isang dila” or one tongue as there is only one. This song is an early introduction to human anatomy and counting.)

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