Can Anyone Help with a Rhyme about a Cat that’s in English and French?

Megan wrote asking for help with a rhyme about a cat that’s in English and French.  Here’s her letter…

Hi Lisa,

I’m trying to find an older nursery rhyme that I can’t seem to find.  The song would go:

Little black cat, little black, cat look at my pretty little baby.
Get away cat, get away cat, and don’t you touch my baby.

Then it would be repeated in French and I know this isn’t the correct spelling but it sounds like:

Petish en wah, petish an wah, regalo ono baby.
Kitty noo Cha, kitty noo cha, petish eh pahmoor, baby.

Not correct spelling but how it sounds.

I really hope you can help me as I can’t find it anywhere.



The French part might be something like this…

Petit chat noir, petit chat noir, regarde mon beau bébé (or regarde-le, mon beau bebé).

? chat, ? chat, ne touche pas mon bébé.

Maybe "kitty noo" means "quitte-nous, chat" (leave us, cat).

If anyone can help with this rhyme, please comment below or email me.


Mama Lisa

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6 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Rhyme about a Cat that’s in English and French?”

  1. Marie Says:

    I heard this song many years ago and I thought it was by Raffi. I emailed him and his staff says that it is not one of his. I did find it on this album:
    It is the same words, but not the same singer I remember.
    It is a sweet little song that I sang to my children when they were young! My first grandchild was just born, and of course I went looking for it again!
    Hope that helps!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Emily wrote:

    Hi Lisa,

    I’ve been racking my brain for the actual lyrics to this song after falling down a rabbit hole on youtube of kids songs in French. Here is what I remember of the song from memory and my few years of French in Middle School through College:

    Petit chat noir, petit chat noir, regarde-vous mon bébé.
    Quitte-vous chat, quitte-vous chat, ne touche pas mon bébé.
    In the house, there is cake. Cake and milk for baby.
    Catch the mouse cat, catch the mouse cat, and don’t you touch the baby.
    Ne touche pas mon bébé.
    Mama loves, papa loves, everyone loves baby.
    Catch the mouse cat, catch the mouse cat
    ne touche pas mon bebe.

  3. Lisa Says:

    I asked Monique from France what she thought about this song and she said maybe it was made up to help teach French.

    Monique tried to put it in “correct” French for us. Here’s what she came up with…

    Petit chat noir,
    Regardez-vous mon baby
    Quittez-nous, chat, quittez-nous, chat
    Little black cat, little black cat,
    … Ne touchez pas mon bébé

    If you have Spotify, you can hear the song here.

    I hope this helps the search!

    -Mama Lisa

  4. Claire Says:

    There is a very old lullaby cassette called “Golden Slumbers: Lullabies From Far and Near” that has this song on it. Sung by Oscar Brand, I think? Internet research claims it was a record before it was on cassette, but I’ve never been able to find it on CD. I don’t think it made the jump (which is a shame; it’s a beautiful album!). Maybe there are still a few analog copies floating around…

  5. Rory Heath Says:

    Yes that’s a great Children’s song. I have it at my children’s music radio station –

  6. Lisa Says:

    Patricia wrote:

    I just saw your 2016 posting about this song. I’ve tried to remember so I could sing it to my grandchildren. I remember the melody.

    This song was on an album of children’s lullabies I had in the late 70’s. Yes, part of the lyrics were in French. I believe that more than one artist contributed. I don’t know all of the lyrics. Here’s what I know:

    Little black cat, Little black cat,
    Look at my pretty little baby
    Catch a mouse, cat. Catch a mouse, cat,
    But don’t you touch my baby.

    On a plate, there is cake,
    Cake and milk for baby,
    Catch a mouse, cat. Catch a mouse, cat,
    But don’t you touch my baby.

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