Can Anyone Help with a Greek Kids Song?

Mary wrote:

I am of Greek decent but I have forgotten most of my Greek. I do remember vaguely a song my yia yia used to sing. I was wondering if you could help me with it.

I found this on the internet, but the song I remember is much shorter and ends with “ya ma ta zahara, ta!”. The first 2 lines are the same.

From the internet:

Κούνια, μπέλα 
έσπασε η κουτέλα, 
βγήκε μια κοπέλα, 
που’ τρωγε σταφύλια. 
Της ζήτησα μια ρώγα, 
μου δωσε ένα μπάτσο, 
έπεσα στο βάτο, 
βγήκα το Σαββάτο. 

Thanks for your help.


If anyone can help Mary, and/or translate this song, please comment below or email me at .


Mama Lisa

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One Response to “Can Anyone Help with a Greek Kids Song?”

  1. Ioannis (Yanni) Zervoudakis Says:

    Κούνια – μπέλα
    έπεσε η κοπέλα
    κι έσπασε τα πιάτα
    γεμάτα ζαχαράτα!

    Should you descendants come from Northern Greece, around the Veroia area, then this is what you’ve been looking for!

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