Can Anyone Help with a Canadian Song with the Line, "Up in the mountains, that’s the place to be"?

Marianne wrote asking for help with a Canadian song her grandma sang to her.  Here’s her note:

Dear Mama Lisa,

My cousin and I are trying to find the words to a song (possibly a nursery rhyme) that our grandmother use to sing to us.

My grandparents were from Nova Scotia, Canada. 

Here’s what we can remember:

Up in the mountains, that’s the place to be . .
listen to the pussycats, singing in the tree . .
Always will remember, never shall forget . .
to bring your umbrella when it turns out wet.

Can you please share this on your blog to see if anyone knows it?

Thank you so much.
Marianne Wills

If anyone can help with this song, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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