Can Anyone Help Translate an Albanian Lullaby?

Can anyone help with a translation for this lullaby (below) which seems to be known in Albania and Kosovo?

Nina-nina, more pllum

Nina-nina, more pllum
Flej se nana te don shum
T’i m’u rritsh-o nafaklum
Nafak lum-o djal i ri
Dielli ty gjithmone me t’pri
Kur te rritesh mor zamak
Tash gzon nanen ne konak
Kur te rritesh djal im
Ti moj zemer do m’dalsh trim

We’d love to add it to Mama Lisa’s World.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Mama Lisa

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2 Responses to “Can Anyone Help Translate an Albanian Lullaby?”

  1. Seth Says:


    Of course, this is not easy to translate into English but I have tried my best. There were some words I did not know the direct translation of so I used a Serbian and Turkish translator to get an idea of how it translates. A lot of these words are used to describe someone, but I don’t think there are many descriptive words so Albanians use a lot of similes. Anyways, let me know what you think and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

    (Go to) sleep [simile for] dove
    Sleep because Mom loves you very much
    Sweet dreams young boy
    (May the) sun always await you
    When you grow (up), (simile for) castle
    Then you will make the mother of the house happy
    When you grow (up) my son
    You, my heart, (I want to) become a brave (man)

  2. Gento berisha Says:

    Not sure why someone who know not Albanian dialect is trying to translate this.

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