Can Anyone Help Identify a Swedish Lullaby?

Dejah Leger (a singer) sent us this recording of a Swedish Lullaby.  Here’s what Dejah wrote about it:

"…the Swedish Lullaby, which is actually a Swedish tune sung to ‘nonsense’ syllables.  I can’t find the name of the tune right now, but I could with a little digging around.  As far as I know the Swedish Lullaby is ‘diddleing’ or nonsense syllables."

We’re not sure of the tune or lyrics.  If anyone can help identify either, please let us know in the comments below.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

Dejah Leger has a cd called Hand Sewn Lullabies – check it out on CD Baby!

UPDATE: Åsawrote from Sweden about the meaning of this song:

“The melody is beautiful! But nothing I’ve ever heard before. Sounds like old Swedish folk music, ‘composed’ at the cradle, or as girls/maidens (mainly) guarded livestock in the old agricultural society; see wiki article on transhumance. There’s also a lengthy article on Swedish wikipedia about transhumance, that also includes info on culture, music etc.

I can confirm the recording on your web site is in ‘nonsense words’, but it’s a form of improvisation – don’t know if there’s a formal word for it. In jazz you use your voice to ‘scat‘.

This recording is done in similar fashion, using a consonant with a vowel. In Swedish the most common ‘words’ you use are ‘la’, ‘di’, ‘do’, in various variations, based on mood of the singer, what seems most appropriate/comfortable at the time, etc. To ‘tralla’ is the most common and ordinary Swedish saying for this kind of song; though ‘trallar’ is something you can do with any tune, for instance when you forget the words… =) … or just want to give someone an idea about how to sing a certain melody. Can also be used as a bridge or refrain in a song; compare with ‘Deck the halls…’ i.e. ‘Fa-la-la-la-la, Fa-la-la la.

Sincerely / Åsa

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