Bo Bo Ski Waton Taton – Hand Clapping Rhyme with an MP3

Here’s an American hand clapping rhyme with an mp3 recording…

Bo Bo Ski Waton Taton
Hand Clapping Rhyme

Bo bo ski waton taton
Bo bo ski waton taton
American Cheese
Please don’t show your eyes* to me.

Listen to an MP3 of Bo Bo Ski Waton Taton

*This rhyme can be repeated many times. Each time, use a different part of the face in the last line. Hide that part of your face with your hands and keep it covered while you repeat the next verse. After the first verse play the clapping game by pressing together your elbows. On the last repetition, you end the verse with “Boom”.

Many thanks to Marisa for chanting this rhyme for us and for contributing the lyrics.

Feel free to share other versions of this rhyme with us in the comments below…

Mama Lisa

Check out the Bo Bo Ski Waton Taton Song Page for French and Spanish Translations and other versions!

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