"If a string is in a knot, Patience will untie it." – A Poem about Patience

“Patience” is a great poem about the importance of forbearance. Often you’ll just hear the 1st verse recited like a proverb.

You can listen to the poem below and read along with the text.

MP3 of the Poem Patience


By Anna M. Pratti_230d

If a string is in a knot,
Patience will untie it.
Patience can do many things—
Did you ever try it?

If it was sold at any shop
I should like to buy it.
But you and I must find our own—
No other can supply it.


Read by Lisa


Mama Lisa

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15 Responses to “"If a string is in a knot, Patience will untie it." – A Poem about Patience”

  1. Kenneth Haag Says:


    I just discovered your delightful blog and would like to share a song that I found in a children’s song book from the 1920’s. It’s called “The Hippopotamus and Me” and it presents an interesting change of perspective when the child looking at the hippo wonders “what he thinks of me”. It was a favorite of my children when they were small – and still is. If you like, I can send it as a pdf of the words and music.

    Best Wishes,

  2. Lisa Says:

    Sure! We love learning new songs!

  3. Barrington Gates Says:

    I found this by searching google and guess what… you’re poem was on The Flash tv show!!! seriously that’s what I was looking for. I love this POEM!!

  4. Moataz Alagouri Says:

    What a wonderful poem !!!, I really loved it.
    it has a the true meaning of patience.
    p.s. : I found it on this TV series “THE FLASH s03e10”, and since then it’s in my head.

  5. Me Says:

    The Flash brought me here ⚡⚡

  6. Krishni Says:

    Lovely Poem…the flash brought me here too

  7. Lisa Says:

    Thanks Pat!

  8. Gordon W. Corwin Says:

    Wonderful poem, is it in the
    Public Domain, so I can quote it? pls reply< thx.

  9. Lisa Says:

    This poem can be found in print in 1893.

  10. Brandon Stankevitz Says:

    ::}}} flash brought me here as well “ well actually “ Wells” & Cisco did lol

    Great poem and I’m glad I’m here at your site to have read it .

  11. Prashant Rawat Says:

    To me as well… courtesy “The Flash”… well delivered by Cisco Ramon.

  12. Kirk Says:

    And…it’s 2021! I just introduced my parents to the Flash, and the TV show brought us all here, too!

  13. Aabid Hussain Says:

    This Will Surely Buy You A Lot Of Fame And Deservedly So ……

    Such A Beautiful And Inspiring Poem

  14. Sharon Terrell Says:

    My grandmother recited the first verse to me (once) when I was in fourth grade and never again. I remember becoming frustrated with untying a knot in one of my shoelaces. Over the years I searched for this poem to know avail. And today here it is. Thank you so much.

  15. Smartii Says:

    The Flash brought me here hopefully it’ll bring my kids here someday…

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