A Poem about a Cocooning Caterpillar

David P Carroll shared this poem about a caterpillar cocooning (similar to quarantining during the pandemic)…


Cocooning Caterpillar
By David P Carroll

Cocooned away
In the old oak
Tree today
Lives a
Little Caterpillar
hiding herself
in a Cocooned​ way
In her own back yard
hoping to keep
The virus
At Bay
Lives this
Little Caterpillar
Cocooning her
Life away…

Many thanks to David for sharing this poem with us!

Stay safe everybody,

Mama Lisa

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2 Responses to “A Poem about a Cocooning Caterpillar”

  1. Elena and leah Says:

    We have been reading this exquisite poem in our English class here in Australia. This poem is so beautiful and when reading it just rolls off the tongue. Thank you for sharing that most delightful poem, it really does lighten up our day.

    Your’s sincerely,

    Elena and Leah

  2. Karen Dobson Says:

    This poem is extremely beautiful and I love it so much thank you so much for the read it’s really touching.

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