A Cupcake Christmas Tree

Photo of a Cupcake Tree

Corrine Lewack made this wonderful cupcake Christmas tree – that you can see in the photo above – for a party. Here’s what she wrote about it:

“Here’s the cupcake tree.. not as easy as I thought… well it was easy… but had no patience tonight to space the cupcakes properly.. but… I wouldn’t have had enough.. this is 47 cupcakes.. :ahem, I don’t know WHAT could have happened with one of them: lol… probably could have used another 20ish cupcakes to make it more “tight”… and it was messy… maybe next time make cupcakes with a hardened glaze frosting on top? Not sure.. the cupcakes are “stuck” onto an aluminum-foil-wrapped 12″ Styrofoam cone with toothpicks… suggest using the “flat” toothpicks.. cuz those suckers are POINTY…

All suggestions will be gladly accepted… :) .. p.s. dontcha love my dairy cow salt and pepper shakers? xoxo”

I asked Corrine if she used the whipped icing that you can buy in the stores, because that would be softer. She said, “it WAS the whipped type of frosting… never again, lol.” I’d suggest instead using regular icing (i.e. not whipped) so it doesn’t drip off. If anyone has any other suggestions, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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  2. Cindy Says:

    Wow- thats great. The aluminum foil wrapped platter is a good idea to have something classy to rest your tree on. And it matches the cone. Maybe you could fill in the empty spots with christmas lights… the flashing kind would be best.

  3. Katherine Says:

    Next time try refridgerating the cupcakes before assembling, that way the icing is hard and won’t drip as your putting them onto the tree.

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