A Conversation about Healthy Eating

Healthy living and eating requires constant vigilance. It’s important to refocus on this topic from time to time. In this spirit, here’s an interesting conversation about eating right from Bloggingheads with Mark Bittman. He writes about cooking for the New York Times and has written several cookbooks.

In the video they discussed losing vegetables in the bottom of the refrigerator. We had the same problem until it came time to replace our old unit. We bought a new fridge with the freezer on the bottom. When the refrigerator is on top you can see all your food. This takes care the the problem of losing the veggies in your fridge!

My favorite quote from the show by Bittman: “No particular ingredient, no particular meal, no particular day, week, even month matters that much, if you see the big picture… I’m going to move my eating in a better direction and it’s as simple as that and you have to act that way.”

Healthy eating to you all!

Mama Lisa

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