Decorating a Pumpkin Pie


Here’s an easy way to spruce up your Pumpkin Pie: follow the normal recipe that you love.  After the pie has cooled off a little, arrange pecan halves around the inside rim of the crust.  Then arrange 7 pecan halves in the center around of the pie around a pretty piece of candy, making it look like a flower.   I used a candy that was in the shape of a pumpkin. 

There you go… you’ll look like a pro!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mama Lisa

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4 Responses to “Decorating a Pumpkin Pie”

  1. emanuela Says:

    Hello Lisa, I found where to insert the text. Yesterday spoke of the pumpkin puree?
    We make the puree with potatoes, butter and milk. Very good with meat and gravy, or with the meat on the grill: For boys and girls enjoy from childhood.
    We use fresh milk, but maybe you can find condensed milk. I’ve tasted the last time in 2009, when I went to my relatives in England. Can I use fresh milk?
    ‘ll Write the recipe of pliers.
    For dumplings pumpkin fan so:
    – Cook the pumpkin in the oven or boil it and drain it
    – Squeeze the pulp well
    – Add 1 egg every two people, a little salt and mix well
    The dough should not be very hard.
    – Dissolve a little butter in a saucepan and then fry some sage leaves
    – Warm salt water in a pot, when it boils pour the mixture little by little with a spoon. They are so small dumplings.
    – Hand in hand to reveal the drain with a ladle
    – Place them in pan with melted butter and sage.
    – When everyone is ready, stir well with wooden spoon, sprinkle a little parmesan cheese.
    – Serve hot sprinkled with lots of parmesan cheese.
    And a good appetite. I like very much, if not understood. Bye everyone

    Ciao Lisa, ho trovato dove inserire il testo. Ieri parlavi del puree di zucca?
    Noi facciamo il puree con le patate, il burro e il latte. Molto buono con la carne e il sugo, o con la carne sulla brace: ai bambini e bambine piace fin da piccoli.
    Noi usiamo latte fresco, ma forse si può trovare latte condensato. Io l’ho assaggiato l’ultima volta, nel 2009, quando sono andata dai miei parenti in Inghilterra. Posso io usare latte fresco?
    Ti scriverò la ricetta della pinza.
    Per i gnocchi di zucca si fan così:
    – cuocere la zucca in forno o lessarla e sgocciolarla
    – schiacciare bene la polpa
    – aggiungere 1 uovo ogni due persone, un poco di sale e impastare bene
    L’impasto non deve essere molto duro.
    – sciogliere in una casseruola poco burro e poi rosolare alcune foglie di salvia
    – scaldare dell’acqua salata in una pentola, quando bolle versare l’impasto poco per volta con un cucchiaino. Si formano così piccoli gnocchi.
    – a mano, a mano che vengono a galla scolarli con un ramaiolo
    – deporli nella casseruola con burr fuso e salvia.
    – quando tutti sono pronti, girare bene con il mestolo, cospargere di poco formaggio grana.
    – servire caldi cosparsi con molto formaggio grana.
    E buon appetito. Mi piacciono molto, se non si é capito. Ciao a tutti

  2. emanuela Says:

    Hi. M. Lisa.
    I prepare the pumpkin gnocchi like this: the flesh of pumpkin, 1 egg every two people, and flour 00, a little bit, just enough to dry a bit’ the dough.
    I make dumplings using a teaspoon, or, if you want them bigger, with a soup spoon.
    There are potato dumplings and semolino dumplings (called “gnocchi alla romana”). If you tell me where to put the recipes, I write directly in the Blog.
    I do not know if it’s already plugged in, but I asked my cousin Bologna recipe of the filling of “tortellini”, as her grandmother prepared them.

  3. Nahhalie B. Says:

    Hi Lisa
    i have a pracital exam and this is a perfect for my presentation

  4. Lisa Says:

    Cool! Are you a cook?

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