This song is based on a play on words: in French "ça trompe" (it deceives) is pronounced the same way as "sa trompe" (its trunk).


Manuel wrote, "My mom who was Belgian would sing to us when we were small (1980) while traveling by sailing from Belgium to Colombia. I don't know the origin of this song, but I'm sure you, or a visitor of yours, knows more. Thanks for your web site."

We don't know its origin but all the French-speaking children know this song. It's generally used as a march-song.

There's a second part to this song that goes:

La peinture à l'huile
C'est bien difficile
Mais c'est bien plus beau
Que la peinture à l'eau.

English Translation

Oil painting
Is very difficult
But much more beautiful
Than water painting.




Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Un éléphant, ça trompe, ça trompe

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Manuel Dávila Christiaens for contributing this song, and to Monique Palomares for translating it and for creating the midi music.

Merci beaucoup!