This rhyme is a way to decide who goes first in a game (like hide and seek). You point to every person who is playing, going from person to person and using the rhythm of the rhyme. The person you point to when the rhyme stops, is out, the last one remaining starts the game.


Another visitor to this page points out that...

"The song 'Iene Miene Mutte' is not only a Belgian song. I sang it more than 60 years ago in Holland."


According to Kevin Flynn it should really be:

Iene mine mutten
tien pond grutten...

(But those final -n's are silent.)

Also, "grutte(n) does not mean 'butter' but 'gruel' (butter is "boter" in Dutch)."



Thanks to Truike Boekholt for the mp3 recording!

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Ernest Vanrintel for contributing this nursery rhyme and to Kevin Flynn for commenting. Thanks to Truike Boekholt for the video!

Dank u wel!