Point to the different parts of the child's face as you recite this rhyme...


Louise Sandberg wrote, "We did this in my family out in Oklahoma at least back to the sixties. My sister and mother are gone now so I cannot figure out how we learned this. I posted my granddaughter and I doing it the way I remember. The "gully, gully" in the belly is part of it. No one I know where I live now (Massachusetts, USA) have ever seen or heard it before. The female family in Oklahoma did not do it. Needless to say my granddaughter loves it. I am a retired archivist, and these things interest me."

Louise later wrote, "Just discovered this article my sister, Julia Ratliff, wrote for the Tulsa World newspaper in the 70s. I really I thought I had learned the rhyme from her and I had. She was 12 years my senior. I have passed it along, obviously, to my grandchildren."


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Many thanks to Louise Sandberg for recording this rhyme for us!

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Louise Sandberg and her family for sharing this rhyme and video!