"Pierre, papier, ciseaux" is a French version of "Rock, Paper, Scissors". It's used to decide something between two people, such as who goes first in a game, etc.


According to Wikipedia in French, this game has different names in the French speaking world such as… "Feuille, caillou, ciseaux" or "Caillou, papier, ciseaux" and other combinations of these words, also "chifoumi" and many other names…

Game Instructions

Two players each hide one hand behind their backs. Then they say the line together at the same time, "Pierre, papier, ciseaux !" On "ciseaux" they put their hands out at exactly the same time in one of the three signs, "Pierre" (rock), "Papier" (paper) or "Ciseaux" (scissors).

Here's how to make each sign:

-Pierre (Rock): Make a fist.
-Papier (Paper): Put out a flat hand horizontal to the ground.
-Ciseaux (Scissors): Put out the index and middle finger imitating scissors.

Here's how you determine who won the round depending upon which symbol each kid put out:

- Pierre (Rock) beats Ciseaux (Scissors - imagine a rock breaking the scissors).
- Ciseaux (Scissors) beats Papier (Paper - imagine the scissors cutting the paper).
- Papier (Paper) beats Pierre (Rock - imagine a piece of paper covering a rock).

If both kids chose the same symbol, they have to replay the round.

Whoever wins the round is the winner of the game. Sometimes kids will decide that the winner is whoever wins 2 out of 3 rounds.

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