This song dates back to the 16th century and is from the region of Champagne.

A lot of the actual lines use made up verbs based on different parts of the growing and drinking of wine. It doesn't all have a real meaning.


*This line is based on the French conjugation of verbs. The 1st word doesn't exist, it's just based on the last word of the 1st line of each verse adding a final "i" to the root of the word. The 2nd word translates to "Let's + verb", though most are not actual verbs but are based on the last word of the 1st line of the verse with an "-ons" ending.

A "hotte" is a large and high basket with straps to be carried on your back. They used to be made of vim or wood but were later made of plastic. In France, Santa is said to carry a "hotte" overflowing with toys, not a bag -though it looks the same!


There are several versions of this song. Some are shorter, some longer according on what steps of vine and grape growing and wine making and drinking people choose to sing about. The structure is always the same. You'll find below a pretty comprehensive version of the song in which you can choose the verses you'd like to sing.

Comprehensive Longer Version

1. Plantons la vigne, (Let's plant the vine)
La voilà la jolie vigne, (Here is the pretty vine)
Vigni, vignons, vignons le vin, (Let's vine, let's vine, let's vine the wine)
La voilà la jolie vigne au vin, (Here is the pretty vine for wine)
La voilà la jolie vigne. (Here is the pretty vine)

2. De vigne en terre… (From vine to earth…)

3. De terre en plante… (From earth to plant…)

4. De plante en pousse… (From plant to shoot…)

5. De pousse en branche… (From shoot to branch…)

6. De branche en feuille… (From branch to leaf…)

7. De feuille en fleur… (From leaf to flower…)

8. De fleur en graine… (From flower to seed…)

9. De graine en mûre… (From seed to berry…)

10. De mûre en grappe… (From berry to cluster…)

11. De grappe en cueille… (From cluster to picking…)

12. De cueille en hotte… (From picking to basket…)

13. De hotte en cuve… (From basket to vat…)

14. De cuve en foule… (From vat to treading…)

15. De foule en presse… (From treading to pressing…)

16. De presse en tonne… (From pressing to barrel…)

17. De tonne en perce… (From barrel to tap…)

18. De perce en broc… (From tap to pitcher…)

19. De broc en verre… (From pitcher to glass…)

20. De verre en goûte… (From glass to tasting…)

21. De goûte en trinque… (From tasting to toast…)

22. De trinque en bouche… (From toast to mouth…)

23. De bouche en ventre… (From mouth to belly…)

34. De ventre en pisse… (From belly to pee…)

35. De pisse en terre… (From pee to earth…)

36. (Back to Verse 3)



Sung by Monique Palomares.

Here's a nice version by "Musique à bouches", a French-Canadian band.

They go from verse 1 "vigne" (vine) to "pousse" (shoot), to "grappe" (bunch), to tonne" (barrel), to "cuve" (vat) to "verre" (glass) to "bouche" = (mouth) and the 3rd line is "bouchi, bouchons, débouchons le vin" = ~ let's cork, let's cork, let's uncork the wine (because "bouche" as a noun means mouth, but as a verb it means "to cork" referring to a bottle).
Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.
In the video below, they go from verse 1 "vigne" (=vine) to "grappe" (bunch), to "hotte" (basket), to "cuve" (vat), to "cruche" (jug), to "verre" (glass), to "bouche" (mouth), to "fête" (party). The 4th line ends with "à vin" instead of "au vin" with more or less the same meaning.
Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Plantons la vigne

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translated by Monique Palomares and Lisa Yannucci.