This game is known as Drop Peter Drop! in Trinidad, West Indies.

Game Instructions

The players form a ring, holding hands. The "runner" has a handkerchief (more likely a wooden ruler or twig) while the other players sing, the runner runs around outside the circle. On the last "drop!" the ruler is dropped behind whoever the runner is behind, that person picks up the ruler and tries to catch the runner, who quickly rejoins the circle. The new runner holding the twig repeats the action of running around the circle and dropping the ruler!

Variation of the Game: The children form a circle and sit down and close their eyes. The "runner" Peter marches around the circle with a glove, handkerchief or another object in his hand. When the other kids sing "drop Peter drop" he has to drop the object in his hand behind one of the kids. That kid in turn has to pick up the object and try to catch Peter before he takes her spot in the circle. If she doesn't catch "Peter", she becomes the new Peter.


This game is also played in Kenya.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Belle for sharing this game with us and for explaining how to play it!