Would You Know a Lullaby from Trinidad with the line “Dodo petit popo”?

Carol wrote to me:

I am from Trinidad, but live in Canada. There is a lullaby that is sung to babies that goes “dodo petit popo”. Those are the only words I remember and now that I have a grandchild, I sing only those words, but I don’t remember the rest. Would you know it, and if not where could I find the words and the music?

If anyone can help with this lullaby, please comment below.



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  1. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for sharing Sidney. Would you or your brothers and sisters like to sing it for us?

  2. Dr Kumar Mahabir Says:

    Of interest is the chorus and title of the song, “Doh Doh Sundar Popo” by pioneering Trinidad chutney singer Lakhan Kariah.

    Doh doh Sundar Popo, you’ mammy gone to town;
    When mammy come’ back, she go gi’u sugar plum (x 2, Chorus).


    The title and chorus of the song is an adaptation of a traditional Trinidad patois lullaby: “Dodo petit popo/ Mama gone to town/ To buy sugar plum/ And give popo some” (Mama Lisa, 2007; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDwRYqOanWA). It worked well for Lakhan who used the lyrics – not the melody – as a weapon to attack his singing rival, Sundar Popo.

  3. Renee L Horsford Says:

    Amazing, i googled to find the original west indian version and like everything else it’s been corrupted by other’s! Even a version with the N word in it. I hope these thing’s make you look at yourselves! Even the One Grenadian has got the lyrics wrong! Just wow

  4. RCJ Says:

    The words to the song as sung my my Grandma:

    Do Do Petit Po Po
    Mama Parler Do do

    Got to sleep little baby
    Mama says go to sleep

  5. Rebecca Says:

    My mom sang a modified version of this song to us. We are also white so I have no idea where we got this song. Kathy is my sister’s name so that’s why she said sister Kathy is making cornbread.

    Go to sleep my little sugar baby
    Lay your curly head on mammy’s arm
    Don’t you dare to wink or blink or snicker
    If you do it’s gonna bring ya harm.

    Little baby close your eyes up tight

    Momma’s in the hen house busy with the chickens
    Daddy’s on the outside helping with the pickens
    Sister Kathy’s making cornbread
    Honey don’t you cry
    Mammy’s gonna make her child good ole chicken pie

    Lay right still like any little possum
    hanging from the branches of the tree
    just as cute as any little tater
    Cutest Georgia Coon’s ever seen.

    Little baby close your eyes up tight.

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