Doña in the title of this song is a title of respect for a woman and can translate as "Miss" "Mrs" "Ms" or "Lady".


*The group sings the song. At the end they ask, ¿Dónde está Doña Ana? (Where is Miss Ana?) The girl in the middle can answer as follows:

No, se está bañando. (No, she's taking a bath.)
No, está cocinando. (No, she's cooking.)
No, está durmiendo ((No, she's sleeping.)


Game Instructions

Children form a circle holding hands. Two girls go in the middle. One is Dona Ana and the other is her helper. The end of each verse the children sing, "¿Dónde está Doña Ana?" (Where is Miss Ana?) The helper can give any answer but she's always busy doing something: Brushing her hair, changing her clothes, etc....

Finally the kids ask, "¿Cómo está Doña Ana?" the answer is "¡Doña Ana se murió!" (Miss Ana is dead). The girl in the center who is Doña Ana has to chase the other girls until she catches one to go in the middle of the circle to be the next Doña Ana.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translated by Lisa.