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*A mantilla is "a traditional Spanish lace or silk veil or shawl worn over the head and shoulders, often over a high comb called a peineta, popular with women in Spain. The shape, design and use are different from an ordinary veil." –Wikipedia

There are other versions that begin with:

"Una señora iba en su paseo…" (A lady was on her walk…)
Or "Una señora gorda en su paseo…" (A fat lady on her walk…)
Or "Una señora gorda por el paseo…" (A fat lady on the avenue…)

In some versions, the gentleman is a director or a governor (gobernador) and the hat can be cheeky (atrevido) or absent-minded (distraído).

We have another version from Peru called, La señora y el sombrero.

It seems that the last 4 lines were borrowed from the song, "La bamba" as you can hear here at 0:47.



Thanks to Marlen Infante Ricardo for the recording!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Marlen Infante Ricardo for sharing this song with us. Translated by Lisa and Monique.

Image: Spanish Girl by Nicolas Berker (circa 1877).