This rhyme is in the Provençal dialect.

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*"Morgueta" literally translates to "little nun". It may refer to a chocolate-banded snail (Eobania vermiculata) or a white garden snail (Theba pisana) depending on the area.

Here is the rhyme in its original Provençal spelling:

Cacalaus mourgueto,
Sorte ti baneto ;
Se li vos pas sourti,
anarai vers lou manescau,
Que te roumpra toun oustau.

Here is another version:

Cacalaus, cacalaus morgueta,
Sòrte lèu de ta cabaneta,
Sòrte lèu tei bèlei banetas,
Ò senon, te romprai ton pichòt monastièr.

English translation

Chocolate-banded snail, snail,
Quickly get out of your little cabin,
Quickly get out your pretty little horns,
Or if not, I'll shatter your little monastery.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Monique Palomares for sharing, translating these rhymes (with Lisa on the 2nd rhyme) and for the illustration.

Mercé plan!