(1) It's a play on words: the last name of the cat is formed as if he was a human being, from his first name "Kot" ("cat" in Russian).
(2) Noise of the paws on the bench.
(3) Imitation of the cat movements as he scratches, in Russian the sound is "Tsapy-tsapy."


Tra-ta-ta, tra-ta-ta,
Vychla kochka za kata,
Za kata katovitcha,
Za Pitra Pitrovitcha.
Khodit kot po lavotchke,
Vodit kochkoo za lapotchki,
Topy-topy pa lavatchki,
Tsapy-tsapy za lapatchki

"y" as in "you"
ch = sh
tch = ch
kh like a Spanish "j" or a German "ch" in Bach.



Thanks to Maya Osnovina for recording this rhyme for us!

You can hear the first four lines in this video.
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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Maya Osnovina for contributing this rhyme, translating it into French and providing the pronunciation!

Bolshoe spasibo!
Большое спасибо!