Father’s Day Traditions Around the World

father's dayIn America, we celebrate dad on the 3rd Sunday of June by treating him to his favorite meal or spending quality time doing something he loves. But that’s not the case in every country. Every culture has their own ways to show appreciation to their fathers. For example, in South Africa families go fishing or on a picnic, and in Mexico dads run in a city-wide race and then enjoy a big feast.

To help you learn more about how father’s are celebrated around the world, Personal Creations created this infographic. It shares how to say "Happy Father’s Day" in ten different languages, as well as traditions unique to each different country. Maybe it’ll inspire you to do something different for your dad this year!

father's day

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3 Responses to “Father’s Day Traditions Around the World”

  1. Jonathan Harding Says:

    As a South African, I’m going to have to correct you (in the interest of correct information).

    Father’s Day isn’t really spent fishing. Most family gatherings are characterised by a braai (Afrikaans for ‘barbeque’).
    Very few children actually have any interest in fishing whatsoever,
    so it isn’t really seen as a bonding activity by most families here (obviously there are exceptions but still).
    Not sure where you got your information from, if it is true then it probably pertains to a certain tribe or village, but I’ve been living here all my life and never heard of such a tradition.

    Anywho, loving the blog and the effort you put in; but I felt obligated to correct that mistake.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Thank you for the correction Jonathan!

  3. jo Says:

    Hi, Lisa,

    March 19th is Saint Joseph’s Day in the catholic calendar and therefore in countries that tend to be catholic, like Portugal.
    Saint John is celebrated on a different day.

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