This is the first French version of Brahms' Lullaby. You can find more versions in the notes below…


The version above is by Victor Wilder (1835 – 1892). You can hear it sung here.

Here is a more well-known version…

Bonne nuit, cher trésor,
Ferme tes yeux et dors.
Laisse ta tête, s'envoler,
Au creux de ton oreiller.
Un beau rêve passera,
Et tu l'attraperas.
Un beau rêve passera,
Et tu le retiendras.

English translation

Good night, dear treasure,
Close your eyes and sleep,
Let your head fly away
Deep in your pillow.
A beautiful dream will pass by
And you'll catch it,
A beautiful dream will pass by
And you'll catch hold of it.

And here's another version…

Notre terre s'endort (Our earth goes to sleep)
Sous les yeux des étoiles, (Under the stars' eyes,)
Le soleil est fatigué (The sun is tired)
Il est parti se coucher. (It's gone to bed.)
Seul le chat sur le toit (Only the cat on the roof)
Joue aux ombres chinoises, (Is playing shadow puppetry)
L'araignée éveillée (The wide-awake spider)
File un rêve argenté (Is spinning a silvered dream.)

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translations by Monique with Lisa.