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*tull= bundle, tulle=baby girl
**"The heap" is a distorted word of unknown meaning. One thought about the heap or pile (hågen, haugen) on the roof: it might refer to the way the roofs were made on the old houses and cottages: first a birch bark layer, earth on top of that and then grass or turf on top. In some old drawings for children that I have seen, these turf roof cottages also pictured goats eating grass on top! One could imagine not only kiddie goats up there..." -Siri


This lullaby is quite similar to another lullaby, Kysje, roe bane-gull and Såri, råri, liten Sull.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Siri Randem from Barnesanger for sharing this song with the translation.

Photo : Monique Palomares

Tusen takk!