Would Anyone Know a Norwegian Song that Sounds Like, “Baby Bana Mama kishakana”?

Gibson A Campbell wrote asking for help with a Norwegian Lullaby. Here’s his email:

“I found your website and was hoping you could help. My great grandmother was Norwegian and there is a lullaby that my family always sang. Now that I have a baby daughter of my own I have been searching for it as I don’t know the origins or real words.

Excuse my spelling or words here as I don’t speak Norwegian but was wondering if you’ve ever heard it or can identify it?

Baby Bana
Mama kishakana
Papa kishka yingapoor
Yingapoor a shishapoor

I’m just a poor boy
Haven’t got a penny

Lol I know it sounds made up and maybe it is but didn’t know if it was familiar to you.

Thanks in advance!

If anyone can help, please comment below. Thanks! -Mama Lisa

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