Nowadays, this song is sung when girls jump rope or play Chinese jump rope.

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*The traditional black powder shotgun used in fantasias, a traditional festival with exhibitions of horsemanship among the Maghreb Berbers.


Ya khiyata ya miyata
choufi choufi ḥzamek Taḥ
Tah fel marwaḥ
marwaḥ sidi 3bas
3bas 3ndou Tefla
techTaḥ bel moukahla
you you you you
mechtaqa l'halwa

a =ah, i= ee, ou =oo, e = eh
kh: as a Spanish "j" or a Scottish "ch" in "loch".
ḥ: a strong "h" (imagine you've swallowed a chili!).
T: dark "t", pronounced by raising the soft palate.
3: an "ah" sound pronounced very deep in the throat.
q: dark "k", pronounced by raising the soft palate.


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - يا خيطة, يا ميااطة

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Monique Palomares for the song, the photo and the translation.