"Gato" (Spanish for cat) is a type of folk music and dance from Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay. It's danced by couples together, mostly without touching. They stop the dance to recite humorous verses that are called either "relaciones" (relations), "aros" (hoops) or "bombas" (bombs) depending on the country.

You can read some of these verses here...


*In the original Spanish verse, the word beso is spelled out (b-e-s-o), meaning "kiss".

5th verse, 1st line: the correct spelling is "Le voy a pedir…
Last verse, 2nd line, the correct form is "lo mismito"


Odila wrote, "I read your site and I liked remembering some songs I learned in my childhood. I'd like to add to your nice work with some 'relaciones' that are said while dancing the 'gato' which is an Argentinean traditional dance. It's very old but it's still danced during folkloric gatherings." –Odila.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Odila Pueblas for contributing these "relaciones". Translation by Monique and Lisa.

¡Muchas gracias!