Tirly-dirly s kraju,
koleso slomaju,
koleso slomalosia
i skazalo... PLUKH!

Longer Version:

Цинги-линги с краю,
Колесо сломаю.
Колесо сломалося,
В речке оказалося,
В речке оказалося,
И сказало: ПЛЮХ!

English Translation:

Tirly-dirly on the edge,
The wheel breaks.
The wheel is broken,
The river appeared,
The river appeared,
And it went:

Game Instructions

This rhyme is recited to a child while bouncing him or her gently on your one knee. On the last word, "PLUKH!" (splash) tilt him back. This usually surprises the child!



Thanks to Marina for reciting this rhyme for us!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Marina for sharing this rhyme and translating it for us!

Bolshoe spasibo!

Большое спасибо!