This song appeared in a 1926 school songbook from Alsace, France.

The song is originally from Tyrol, Austria in 1827. There are many versions of this song from different German regions.

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*Black ribbons: the traditional Alsatian headdress consists in a long and broad black ribbon tied to form a large knot and sewn on a black cap.

The American songwriter, Septimus Winner wrote a song based on this tune in 1864 with the new text entitled, "Where oh where has my little dog gone". It became a popular North American children's song.

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Contribution and translation: Monique (with Lisa)

Image: Detail from The Traditional Costumes of Alsace, set of reproductions of watercolors by P.KAUFFMANN (1877-1937), published in L'ILLUSTRATION 1918-1919, "with special permission of Maison Goupil et Cie, Paris".

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