This lullaby was collected and sung by Maryan Anshur. Over the past 30 years she has travelled in both Somalia and Europe and collected a unique archive of Somali children's stories and songs.

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*Re. Harti - A name used to denote the various Darod sub-clans. According to Wikipedia, it also means "strong man".



Sung by Maryan Anshur, a Somali-born woman living in the UK.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Karin Koller from Quirky Press for sharing this lullaby. Thanks to Maryan Anshur for the recording, to Marilyn Ricci who was very involved with the translation, Anne Fishenden who did the illustration and Samantha Aylward who did the graphic design for the cd/book. This lullaby can be found in a wonderful dual-language (Somali/English) book of 14 Somali Lullabies, including a CD of the songs sung in Somali, by Maryan Anshur. Check out this link for info on purchasing the book and cd.