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somali_lullabiesQuirky Press has just released a new dual-language (Somali/English) book of 14 Somali Lullabies.  It includes a CD of the songs sung in Somali by Maryan Anshur.   Karin at Quirky Press was kind enough to share a recording of one of the lullabies with us!  You can hear it below and read along with the original text and an English translation…

MP3 of the Somali Lullaby Dhammow

Dhammow (Somali Lyrics)

Hobeeyaa hobeeheey hobeeheyaa
Markaad dhalatee dhawaaqday,
Dhedow dhaxan bayga duushay,
Dhulkaa ii wada iftiimay.
Dhammow dhuux iyo lafoowaa,
Dhammow dhuubane dhalyow waa,
Dhammow dhogor xaajiyow waa,
Dhammow kaan ku dhaartayow waa
Dhammow dheega Hartiyowa’.

Oh, Perfect Child (English Translation)

Hobeeyaa hobeeheey hobeeheeyaa
When you were born and first cried,
All of my body glowed.
The whole world shone.
Oh perfect child, you’re from the finest, deep roots.
Oh perfect child, you’re the son of a tall, slim father.
Oh perfect child, you have the skin of a pilgrim.
Oh perfect child, you’re the one whose life I swear upon.
Oh perfect child, you are the highest Harti*.

*Re. Harti – A name used to denote the various Darod sub-clans.

Somali Lullabies was collected and sung by Maryan Anshur.  “Maryan Anshur works with families and children in Leicester, UK. Over the past 30 years she has travelled in both Somalia and Europe and collected a unique archive of Somali children’s stories and songs. The booklet contains 14 lullabies from different regions of Somalia and Ogaden, together with a CD of the lullabies sung by Maryan in Somali. They convey the universal human desire to protect and communicate with our children, however young, in whatever circumstance.”

You can purchase the cd and booklet at Quirky Press.

You can also hear Maryan Anshur sing and talk about the lullabies on Sanctuary Radio.

Many thanks to Maryan Anshur and Karin Koller from Quirky Press for sharing this lovely lullaby with Mama Lisa’s World!


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  1. Elizabeth Hogan Says:

    Quirky press is coming up empty. Do you have pdf and mp3 packets of Somali Lullabies?

    Thank you.
    Elizabeth Hogan

  2. Lisa Says:

    Hi Elizabeth, Did you try to email Quirky Press at

  3. Becky Greeley Says:

    I am trying to locate a CD of Somali lullabys &/or children’s songs for a colleague of mine.
    Looks like Quirky Press is all sold out- can anyone please help me with suggestions?
    This is their 1st baby and we all want to make the baby shower something special for our friend/colleague!
    Thank you

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