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Game Instructions

Line 1: Seated, mimic the tortoise walking with forefinger and middle finger on your thigh.
Line 2: Mimic trembling with both hands.
Lines 3 & 4: Mimic a mouth talking with both hands.
Line 5: Say "no" with your finger.


Listen to the rhyme being recited in Russian and French below. Here is the French version that you'll hear in the recording:

Une tortue marchait doucement
Dans le champ, dans le champ.
Elle tremblait, toute effrayée,
De la peur d'être mangée,
Mais disait à tous partout:
"Je n'ai peur de rien du tout!"

Literal English Translation

A tortoise was walking slowly
In the field, in the field.
She was trembling, very scared
For fear of being eaten,
But she was telling everybody everywhere,
"I'm afraid of nothing at all!"


Many thanks to Maya for recording this rhyme for us in Russian and French.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

This rhyme is from a book of Russian rhymes and songs by Maya and her friend Larissa. The rhymes and songs come in Russian and French with game instructions.

Many thanks to Maya Osnovina for sharing her rhyme with us!

English translation and photo by Monique.

Bolshoe spasibo!
Большое спасибо!