A Rain Request Song

This song is from Isan, the northeastern region of Thailand. A Lao speaking population is the majority there.

The theme of this song comes from the Isan fertility myth. It's about a war against the Rain God, Phya Thaen. Thaen caused a drought in the land because he was jealous of the king, Phya Khankhaak. In retaliation, Phya Khankhaak sent a great army to heaven to fight Phya Thaen. The army included humans, animals, angels and demons. Phya Khankhaak won and got Thaen to agree to make it rain. This song is about the battle.

The Lao text is the phonetic version of the song.


*(Phya) Thaen is the rain god

You can read more about the Toad King Myth here.


If anyone can provide the song lyrics in the original Lao text, please email me. Thanks! -Mama Lisa



Sung by Dr. Wajuppa Tossa.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Jim Henry for allowing us to use this song from the Lao Language and Culture Resources Center at Northern Illinois University.

ຂອບໃຈ (khàwp ja̖i)