"The lullaby I've always heard is 'Bissam bissam baad'ne - Baad'n laat'. It was first collected around the 1800's, so the archaic spelling and some of words are relatively 'unknown' to present day Norwegians. I don't know many people who know how to sift the husks off the grains of the wheat corn anymore, at least not by hand, or how to play the 'horn'! The song is written in dialect, and is a 'real' lullaby; you can really feel the pulse of the rocking cradle. As most of Norwegian folk music, the theme is connected to the known activities around the home and daily life." -Siri Randem

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(1) Lullaby, lullaby child
(2) On the stove, over the open fire
(3) Wheat
(4) Sheep, goat, reindeer
(5) Wolf
(6) The bear


Siri wrote, "A bit archaic in my version, but often popularised in newer song books."

Here's the Song in Modern Norwegian:

Byssan, byssan barnet

Byssan, byssan barnet
Gryta henger i jernet (over grua, ildstedet)
Koker full av rømmegrøt til det vesle barnet
Far, han sitter og harper korn (renser korn)
Mor, hun blåser så vakkert horn
Søster, hun sitter og spinner gull
Bror, han går i skogen
jager alle ville dyr
er han hvit, så kjør han hit (sau, eller geit og reinsdyr)
er han grå, så la han gå (ulven)
er han brun i bogen (bjørnen)
så la han gå i skogen.



Many thanks to Siri Randem of Barnesanger for sharing this song, for the English translation and the recording!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Illustration: Walter Satterlee

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