This kind of dance is called Šotyš and comes from Scotland. (It seems to be a variation of the schottische.)* [Source here.]


*"Kroksum" is a dance technique with counting... 1..2.3...2..2.3... 3..2.3...4..2.3... But we only make these steps in this song on "kroksum".

Game Instructions

Dance Steps:

"I would like to send you our favorite folk song, the dance is easy...

We stand with hands on the waist.
Steps are wide and go according to what you're singing,
4...3...2..1.. steps forward and backward, as you're singing...actions also as to what you're singing...

On the Refrain:
"Ja sa z toho vymotám"

We put hands up and turn around, palms open - turning also like waving side to side with fingers wide apart.
Then hands to the waist again... and continue." -Jana

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Jana Olejnikova for contributing this song, translating it (with Mama Lisa) and for explaining the dance.