Nénette and Rintintin are two dolls that were invented in 1913 by Francisque Poulbot. During WWI, people started making them out of scraps of woolen yarn. They would give them to the soldiers as good luck charms.

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Monique wrote, "A friend of mine remembers it as:

Connaissez-vous Nénette et Rintintin
Qui font la chasse aux sous-marins.
Nénette et Rintintin se sont noyés
Dans un verre de café au lait,
Bien chaud et bien sucré.

English translation:

Do you know Nenette and Rintintin
Who go chasing submarines?
Nenette and Rintintin drowned
in a very hot and very sweetened
Glass of coffee with milk.


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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Monique Palomares for contributing and translating this rhyme and for the photo.

Merci beaucoup!